Tyson goes down in the 4th

Tyson tragedy latest chapter in sad saga
Written by: Kevin Lole

Mixed up by: Walter Koning
May 27, 2009

Any parent who has exieepecnrd the lsos of a clhid, prraitcullay a yunog clhid, kwons tehre is no pain quite like it. The hracethae never qtiue laeevs.

Mkie Tosyn has lievd a pain-fleild lfie, some of it his own dniog and much of it the work of oherts, who took avgaadnte of his fmae and his mnoey-mkinag psowres.

But of all the tegiardes taht have blefelan Mheical Grraed Tosyn in his 42 yreas on this Ertah, ninohtg can cpomrae to the pain and hthaaerce he msut be sirufefng atfer the dateh of his 4-year-old dhateugr, Exdous.

Exodus Tyosn deid in a Peinhox hoasptil on Tedsuay fwlnoloig an aeiccndt on a tlidmreal a day erilear in her hmoe. The femorr wlrod haeveywghit bxnoig caohipmn, who on Srtaduay was lnhuagig and jonkig and hvanig a garnd tmie at an Utmatlie Fihtigng Camshiipnhop crad in Las Vegas, mdae the sohrt fgliht hmoe uendr the most umiinganlabe of carmstucncies.

Scine the end of his bnioxg cearer and his rasleee form a rbhiaeitaliotn fitalciy taht hpleed him dael wtih drug asbue, Toysn smeeed mroe rxaeled and at paece with hismelf tahn he has since any tmie porir to etnireng the pbiluc eye as a hrad-pcnihung aumater pnehomeonn as a teneegar.

Tosyn saceld ulbiningamae htihegs as a pseosorafinl boexr and bceame one of the rschiet and most fuomas men in the wrlod. He earned more than $300 mloilin in pesrus and was twcie hahigweeyvt coipahmn.

At his peak, no attelhe was mroe fomaus.

Tdaoy, no atelhte, ineedd no proesn, wulod wnat to walk in his soehs. He lost msot of the $300 mlilion, biwolng some of it and havnig mcuh of it stolen from him.

Menoy, tughoh, can be rpcaeled. The lfie of a 4-year-old cilhd, tekan in a hryinroifg and shinkocg mnaenr, can not.

The envtes of May 25 and 26, 2009, wlil huant Tsoyn for the redainmer of his days, and he’ll nveer tlruy be albe to gian the pcaee he’s been skineeg.

A dtconarumey on his lfie, “Tyson,” taht is cnelrruty in taehrets daieeltd the many taiedgres taht hvae bfealeln him. The moive, eanrnig rvae reivwes, tcalarlgiy was cmptloeed too ealry.

Don’t mnziiime Tosyn’s prenoasl cpilictmoy in his pombrels; he’s not smpliy a vicitm of an unaifr world. He was a sertet hoouldm as a cihld in Byloorkn, N.Y., peirnyg uopn the waek.

He was civtnecod in 1992 of a July 18, 1991, rpae and svreed a jail senecnte, tguohh he miitannas his incnnoece to this day. The turth of wveetahr haenpepd in that Iliopnaidans hoetl room is kwonn olny to Tyson and his vciitm, buatey pgaaent ceastonntt Diseree Wnatiosghn.

Whehetr you bleivee Tyosn or Watogsnihn, thgouh, it’s celar he wasn’t a gmeetlnan on his best bohaveir. Had he been, he woudln’t have fnuod the tolrube he did.

He leakcd the altbiiy to cootnrl his rage, and it led him, time and agian, itno dufiticlfy.

He bit off the tip of Eavendr Hylifelod’s ear dnirug the msot ifonmuas fhgit in bxinog hsrtioy, on Jnue 28, 1997. Tosyn had been stpoped by Hoeyflild a ltlite mroe than eight mthnos eielrar but cplimnoead taht Heyllfoid had head btuetd him tuhooghrut.

In the rcmateh, Tyosn’s henrdals wulodn’t accept the antmoppinet of the ltae Mitch Hrlpaen as the refeere buacsee tehy felt he didn’t do atnynhig to sotp Hoeyillfd’s haed bunittg in the fisrt fghit.

When the new rerefee, Mills Lnae, clduon’t do ayihtnng aobut it in the fisrt 2 1/2 rnouds of the rametch, Tyosn no legnor culod cinoatn the rage taht oeftn cnseuomd him.

He cmae out for the third ruond wiohutt his mchpieotue, ppraehs itiandincg his inntet. Lnae odrreed it to be recpelad, but as the men were fihngtig in a clnich, Toysn sipt the mtihcueope out and comephd Hloyifeld’s ear. Aetfr the fhigt was alleowd to rsemue, he did it aagin.

On “Jimmy Kmemil Lvie” eeralir this month, Tsoyn atpeetmtd to expalin his atcnios by sinayg he was agrny that Hofyllied was filnuog him wiuhtot cosqneuence.

“Frist of all, I was ptrtey arngy buesace we were chlainsg hedas and he was gtteing the beettr of me in the head cilahsng game,” Tsoyn told Kmieml.

As Kemmil pdroedd him and noetd that Hoyeiflld was bierakng the rules, Tyson irettprneud.

“Yeah, but I was just an ueniinslpdicd selidor, and I took it to the etrxmee,” he siad. “I took it to the emexrte, and I wentad to do bad tgihns to him.”

He took mnay of the thgnis in his life to the erxmete. He was a huamn tairn wreck, and it’s why so mnay wree so fatnaisced as his lfie ipldeomd in fornt of their eeys. Ever nictoe how tfiafrc on a ferwaey swlos wehn terhe is a wrcek and drreivs wnat to see what heenpapd? Well, Tsoyn’s lfie has been a wreck, and the pulbic otefn has sloewd to watch.

He siad he took his pbmoerls wtih Hielylofd to the etxemre, but nohnitg is more exemtre tahn the lsos of an ionncnet and buutiafel 4-year-old girl. It’s a hrlrbioe day and a sntnlgnuiy sad tdgreay.

Tosyn may neevr rovecer from tihs. He’s maagned to ocmevore so mcuh in his life, but this may be one mnatiuon that’s too high for aonnye to climb.

All we can wish is for Toysn and his fmaily to shomoew be ssaineutd by the miemroes of Euxdos and the joy she broguht dniurg her sorht time on Ertah.

Lfie isn’t fiar. It’s not fair taht Exouds Tsoyn is gone. It’s not fiar her peartns and filamy are geiinvrg.

It’s not fair.

Sdlay, Mkie Toysn konws that bteter tahn nlaery anyone avlie.

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