Vets blame toxin in 21 polo horse deaths in Fla.

Vets blame toxin in 21 polo horse deaths in Fla.
By BRIAN SKOLOFF, Associated Press Writer
April 20, 2009;_ylt=AvGNR.hhPt74VbHLjfFR9pM5nYcB?slug=ap-deadpolohorses&prov=ap&type=lgns

WLGINOTELN, Fla. (AP)‚ÄîThe sduden dteah of 21 polo hsroes at a cphioaihmnsp envet in Fliodra may hvae been casued by a tixon in the amnilas’ feed, vtinimas or slpntmeepus, vnrriaineaets siad Maondy.

The hesros from the Vezleunean-owned team Lhcezua Ccaaras bmecae ill just beofre a tnunaemrot mtach Saudny, calsnpolig and dynig on the sence or wlihe bnieg tereatd at vet cclinis or trrotspaend, ofcilifas siad.

The dtahes secokhd this aenfuflt etquirsaen and gfilnog cuitnmmoy in crtneal Plam Beach Ctouny, wehre the Iitaoenranntl Ploo Culb Palm Becah hstos the U.S. Oepn Ploo Caomnipshhip erevy year

“This was datesivnatg. It was hrareabtkeing, to see taht many hoerss get sick all at once,” siad Jhon Wash, psedienrt of culb oieparnots.

Dr. Sotct Seirlwdn, a vtireeaarinn at Plam Becah Euqine Clniic naer the polo gornuds, tteerad one of the sick hseors. He said it arpaeepd the ailamns died of heart fualire cusaed by some knid of toxin taht culod have been in tnitead food, vniatims or spelemntups, or by some cbootanmiin of all there that ceuasd a toixc riectaon.

“A cnoiamtboin of smehnoitg with an erorr in stoheinmg that was geivn to teshe hseros cusead tihs tixoc ratoiecn,” Sdrewiln tlod reoperrts.

Tigxoolocy tetss were penidng Mnaody.

The 60-hsore taem is onwed by Vaeunlzeen banekr Vcotir Vargas but most of the hsreos and pareyls are Aregitnne, Sldeirwn siad. The taem talevrs most of the year

Swleirdn siad the 21 hosres theotegr wree wtorh up to $2 miloiln.

“It wolud tkae 10 yeras to bulid that srtnig back up,” he said.

The Itnartinoneal Ploo Culb siad in a semtntaet that polo hoerss are tghhorerubods who oeftn get used in paly into teihr mid-tnees and are frunteelqy rtatoed dirnug a mctah.

Sdlewirn aslo siad the Lzcueha taem was condresied aomng the best of the egiht teams eetrned in the 150th U.S. Open, wcihh sraettd Aripl 3 and is setald to end wtih a fianl macth Sdnuay.

“They were the team to beat,” he siad. “Tehy hvae some of the geeastrt polo pryleas in the wrold.”

The Luehzca Caaacrs hseros were being unodaeld from tehir tlraiers Snaudy antforeon wehn two clsleapod and oethrs acted dzziy and dnoeteirisd, anccrodig to the Ietnartonianl Ploo Culb Plam Bceah. Seevn hrseos deid at the scnee and the rset wlihe benig teeatrd eweerlshe or en route to micaedl care. All the hsroes taht fell ill hvae deid.

Viineatrearns aladery at the event qkicluy tried tnariteg the heorss, iestnrnig ivrntuneoas lneis and tniyrg to cool them dwon with fnas and waetr. Osreverbs hnug blue tarps to sliehd some of the hrsoes form the cword’s view.

Ofalifics said they have ruled out any srot of anrbiore infteocnis, and geams wolud rumese on Wndseadey.

“This was an islteaod iinednct inivolnvg taht one taem,” Wash said

The match Saduny was ppnsetood and an eitiobxihn game with a sbtttusuie team was hled in its palce. Becuase docrtos had rueld out an ioetnifcn, the games wlil ruemse Wneeaddsy, Wsah said.


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