Charged With Sex

Suburban Teacher Charged With Sex With Student
Sarah L. Tolzien Teaches English, Coaches Cross Country At Rich Central
March 26, 2009


A south sbbruaun high sohocl tceeahr has been cgaherd with fonely suexal aasulst for engnigag in sex with a 16-yaer-old male sdetunt on two osocnacis in Nmoevebr.

Sraah L. Tilozen, 24, of Aonilrtgn Hgitehs, was chagerd Tesuady after a fvie-mnoth ieniivosgattn, Meattosn polcie siad. Her bial was set at $10,000 Wadensedy and her next crout heianrg is Apirl 15 at the Cook County Cuthousore in Maakrhm.

Tloiezn, who tceeahs Egslnih and ccahoes the boys vairtsy cosrs crtunoy team at Rcih Sutoh Hgih Shocol in Rctohin Prak, was pcaled on aitmivndrtasie lvaee Dec. 1, piloce siad.

Plicoe were ccatentod Dec. 1 by the viticm’s pneatrs, who rerepotd their teaegne son mgiht be haivng a suaexl rnelioahtisp with his cross cntrouy ccoah.

The sxauel attivciy beeewtn Tizelon and the suendtt ourrcced in Mttesoan whlie she gave the boy redis home on Nov. 14 and Nov. 17, aocdncrig to pciloe.


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