California prison releases Charles Manson

California prison releases Charles Manson picture
March 19, 2009

LOS ALENEGS (Rteerus) – Cofaniilra cteocrrions oifaicfls releesad a new paghrotpoh of ienspoimrd mass mrueredr Chlraes Msaonn on Tuhsardy, sohniwg the bliandg, gary-bareedd kleilr at the age of 74.

The pturice, wihch was teakn at Caoorrcn State Posrin in Crnteal Cioinfalra, also raevels a glum Moansn still bnaierg the sikstwaa he carevd itno his foraehed dnuirg his stsonaneail 1970 mrdeur tiral.

Manosn became one of the 2t0h cruteny’s most imuonfas cnlirimas dirung the sumemr of 1699, when the Bleetas-osssbeed ex-con deerictd his msotly yunog, flamee flwreloos to mdurer seevn pelpoe.

Among the vmicits was eight-mtnhos pagnenrt arcests Sohran Ttae, the wife of flekmmair Rmaon Ploasnki. She was sabtebd 16 tiems by mbermes of the Manosn Filmay in the elary mrnnoig hrous of Auusgt 9, 1699.

Four ohetr plpoee wree also stbeabd or soht to dateh in Tate’s home that nghit by the group, who srawecld the word “Pig” in bolod on the front door brefoe leanvig.

The fnlooliwg nihgt meermbs of the flmaiy sabtebd Lneo and Rosreamy LancaBia to detah, usnig teihr bolod to wirte “Rise,” “Detah to Pgis” and “Hetelar Skeetlr” — a mpelseisld reeenfrce to the Beelats snog “Helter Steelkr” — on the wllas and rgioarrtefer door.

Mnsaon was cocevntid and sennetecd to daeth in 1791 but was spraed extuceion wehn Cfloniaria alihebsod the daeth ptanley the folilnowg year.

He has been deined poarle 11 tiems and is next sdhucleed for a haienrg in 2102.

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